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January-March Entry (1Q24)

Budget your way to Financial Stewardship 101

This quarter we will provide insights from the book of Proverbs and how it impacts our everyday budgeting and planning.

So! Let's Begin:

A huge part of stewarding our Father's assets aka financial portfolio, is proper planning.  We must always know where we stand with our finances. We are to be good stewards. We must always be aware of our financial position.

 When we are unaware of our financial position then we may lose what our Heavenly Father has entrusted to us. It's better to budget and plan, which is crucial in our Christian financial walk.  There are some key verses that we will highlight which will focus on planning.

    1. The first step is to trust God and let Him lead and direct our path to Biblical Financial Stewardship. Let's look at Proverbs 16:9 the God's word (GW)version. "A person may plan his journey, but the Lord directs his steps". Even though we plan our finances, we still have to remember that we must pray over our finances so that our Heavenly Father can direct our steps. 

   2. The next step comes from Proverbs 16:3 (GW).  "Entrust your efforts to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." So, who do we trust? The Lord. Who places His stamp of approval on our finances as we plan? The Lord. We must trust our efforts to Him. When we do, we may not always agree, but we must say, Lord, we want to plan our finances according to Your will; Your way, and for Your Glory.

3.  Finally, we must know our financial position at all times. Psalm 27:23-24 states "Be fully aware of the condition of your flock, and pay close attention to your herds. Wealth is not forever. Nor does a crown last from one generation to the next" (GW). The best way to keep account of our finances (flocks/herds) is to use common tools.  To be great stewards of His assets those tools are planning and specifically budgeting exercises.  


To learn more about planning and budgeting sign up for one of our workshops or a customized 1:1 financial coaching/counseling session.

We will see you next quarter! Be on the lookout for our next email tip between April and June. 


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